Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


“Love cleanses, beloved. It doesn’t beat you down. It doesn’t cast blame.”

This book is quite possibly one of my absolute favorite books. I had read Bridge to Haven, and as soon as I finished I wanted to read this book, mostly to see what all the fuss was about. It took me a while to finally get my hands on it, as every time I went to the Library someone always had the copies they had, but when I was finally able to get it and I’m so glad I did. It was such a great novelI finished it in just one day.

I always love a good romance, but this book definitely has more meat to it, not a fluffy lovey-dovey type of thing. So don’t come in expecting a sweet romance, because you’ll be disappointed. But regarding the book’s title, redeeming love is the definite theme here. Angel struggles with Michael quite a bit, and at some points, it’s a bit comedic at how frustrated she gets. Growing up in the situation she did, you can see how it would be difficult to accept pure love, without sexual relations. You have to put yourself in her shoes with this book. It’s an amazing read, but not the kind of light and fluffy Christian novel most are used to reading. It’s dark and heartbreaking because this was how many women lived and not many (if any), women got the chance of love that Angel got. So, of course, it’s frustrating how she just didn’t accept Michael’s love but if you think about her and her situation, it makes sense.

But luckily, because this is a romance book, we do get to see a little bit of romance between the two primary characters, which is very sweet but brief, taking place probably within the last 30% of the book if I remember correctly.

This book, as with Bridge to Haven, is not for the faint of heart. The book has scenes that are not explicit but elude to some sexual situations, inside and outside of marriage. Being a Christian book, I believe it is done tastefully and would recommend it for girls maybe 15+. The book is quite dark, to be honest. There’s no way to deal lightly with such complicated topics anyways (rape, abuse, prostitution) but from my little knowledge of such matters, they were handled with care and were explained very gracefully without diminishing the severity of the issues.

All in all, if you can handle dark and complicated subjects, then you will join me and the millions of others who have been greatly touched by this incredible book.


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