So Fair a Lady by Amber Lynn Perry

51wtomqr4hl-_sx321_bo1204203200_“We must ever strive to be worthy of the blessings of God. We must ever be humble, teachable and courageous enough to accept the challenges and turmoil that awaits us. If we will stand but valiant, God will surely deliver us!”

Thanks to American Girl and their line of the Revolutionary War dolls Felicity and Elizabeth, I have always had a soft spot for anything set in the 18th century. But it’s so difficult to find good fiction set in this period of history that is not a TV show or movie. And so I was very excited when I found about Ms. Perry and her series of books set during the Revolutionary War (and short side note, how gorgeous is this cover!).

This book is different from anything I’ve read before, and not just the fact that it is set in a different time period than what I usually read. It’s quite suspenseful, and if you’ve watched the TV show TURN: Washington’s Spies it’s similar to that, but, of course, this story is fictional.

I like to say that a book or novel is about 50% character and 50% plot, and the characters lived up to my expectations for what I had hoped they would be. They were very well rounded and didn’t feel flat. Though the book is mostly from the point of view of Eliza, our female protagonist, I loved how you got to see from the point of view of the other characters. It gave a fresh perspective on what was happening to not just one character, which allowed to feel more invested in the story rather than just reading it. It’s somewhat of a coming-of-age story for Eliza, but all the characters experience growth in maturity as the story progresses.

And as for the plot, the description made me feel a bit hesitant about it at first, but by the end of the first chapter I was hooked. It was different then what I had expected, but I was truly pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The plot description made it seem as though Eliza was running away from a too-persistent suitor, but there are so many more layers that get peeled back as you dive deeper into the story, so it makes it a fast-paced page turner.

I enjoyed this book so much, and will be looking forward to the next books that Ms. Perry has planned for her readers.


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