The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

9781601424969_p0_v1_s600“After all, He was the giver of every good gift… She would not doubt Him now.”

As a lover of Downton Abbey, I was very excited to find this book set in the same period and setting that the TV series starts out in. I love the period so much, the clothes and the glamor of it all and this book gives a different perspective of what you might see on Downton Abbey. This book was sweet and easy to read that held my attention for most of the story.

First, the cover. It’s gorgeous. I love how it gives the reader a little bit of visual to where the book is set and what the mansion looks like. I suppose one could use their imagination, but I enjoyed having the estate in the background. I’ve heard some people don’t like having the face of the books heroine, Julia, on the cover, but I like being able to see what she looks like.

As for the characters, I’ve never read a book where the main character was a missionary. Julia was a refreshing change of character from the other books I’ve read. She kept strong faith throughout the entire book, even through the difficulties she faced she kept faith in God to lead her through it, rather than helping her out of it (if that makes sense). I enjoyed Julia’s character. Her personality is quieter and a little less headstrong than other heroines, but I think it fit her profession (governess) well. Not to mention there are so many female characters that fit the progressive feminist role, so I enjoyed her.

The only beef I have with the character of William is that he is, unfortunately, the cliche of a person who was betrayed by his (or her) significant other and has a hard time trusting another person for the prospect of marriage due to the possibly she (or he) might be like his previous SO. It was got on my nerves a little bit. I would have preferred if he pulled more of a Rochester from Jane Eyre, instead of a 50% can’t-trust-women and 50% can’t-marry-her-because-she’s-the-governess. Nonetheless, he wasn’t that bad. I just would have preferred him to have a different personality.

Other Comments – I wish Julia had a bit more spunk about her, but due to her calmness it just really wasn’t part of her personality. I did like the little twist at the end, and it wasn’t terribly predictable.

Conclusion – I enjoyed it immensely and thought it’s conservative enough for any Christian to read.


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