Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser

2662952“It is said that without George Washington there would be no United States, but without Martha, there would be no George Washington.”

I have always held a particular fascination for early America, from about the time the first settlers came to the continent to the establishment of our country some hundred years later. I have really been enjoying TURN: Washington’s Spies and how it focuses not just on people living during the 18th century, but actual historical people such as George Washington and others who were part of the Culper Ring. So when I heard about this book, I got really excited because I’ve never seen anything written from the point of view of the true First Lady. So I picked it up and despite a slow beginning, I read this in only a couple hours.

The historical detail in this book is so well done, but not overdone, and even in the slow parts, it keeps you interested. I love having books that have real historical events tied to them, whether it be a war, a tragedy such as the Titanic, or something fun like the World Fairs. But this book is labeled as fiction if you look at it through the Goodreads website. The book is mostly truthful, but it also has fictional elements that the author clears up at the end.

I really loved Martha’s story. I had always thought of George and Martha together, not exactly realizing she was an individual and had a life before him. While I wouldn’t consider her story in itself a feel good story, because she endured so many hardships in her life, but there are some fun and humorus parts of the story that kept it from being too much of a downer.

I think people who are learning about the American Revolution and/or George Washington will really enjoy this non/fiction book about America’s First Lady.


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