Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austen

wonderlandcreek“That’s absurd… Nobody can read too much. That’s like saying someone breathes too much.”

I absolutely adore this book. If you are looking for something different than the standard Christian Historical Fiction, this is the book for you. And if you’ve ever read any Christian Historical Fiction book, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Lynn Austen’s books have a more grown up and mature sense to them; think a mix Francine Rivers and Kristy Cambron. It is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It doesn’t have a deep plot line but is still not a slow or boring read.

This book is set during the late 1930’s, about midway into the Great Depression so you can expect some financial hardships. Alice Grace Ripley, the book’s heroine, is let go by both her job as a librarian and by her long-time boyfriend and is left wondering what to do next with her life. She then arrives in a rustic and rural town and is left there as the town’s librarian. As a girl from a privileged and more wealthy household, this is not exactly her comfort zone which results in laughs from the reader’s end.

This book has essentially everything anyone could want in a book. You’ve got humor, adventure, mystery, murder, a great setting, a great time period, and brilliant and life-like characters. Yet it never feels too much… all of these elements fit right into the plotline and really makes for a story that many people, regardless of likes/dislikes will enjoy. I myself am not particularly fond of mystery books but still enjoyed myself reading this.

One of my favorite things is the maturing that takes place in Alice. For a girl who had a comfortable life and spends her time reading, being thrust into a town with nothing to do brings out a more mature and caring side of her. She eventually comes to enjoy spending time with real people, not fictional people, and realizes that having a balance in life is not a bad thing. She drags her feet of course, as anyone would do when they are forced into a new way of living, but eventually learns to accept it and surprising to her, finds she is sad when its time for her to go back to her big city life.

I really enjoyed reading this and I hope you will too. I have nothing bad to say of this book, other than the beginning may start a little slow for some people.


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