Hey there!

My name is Sydney, pleasure to have you stop by!

I am a very avid {historical} book reader with an interest in so many things one of my passions is history. I couldn’t tell you why, though I think deep down I say it is because of the gorgeous gowns that women used to wear 100+ years ago. But to be honest, I love the complexity of history and the fact that there is no one answer to anything. Though facts definitely play a part in history, it is how you interperet those facts and how they lay in your eyes that make it fun.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, listening to musical soundtracks, reading, writing, or just spending time to myself.

I’m from the beautiful Palmetto State.

I am currently attending Liberty University up in Virginia and am pursuing a double major in Historical Studies and Social Science with a minor in Government.


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